January 12, 2012

URGENT! RESCUE ONLY! MO, Kansas City: Blind Senior Cocker

Please help if you are able. If not, please crosspost for this poor boy.

This darling baby was dumped at the shelter because he’s blind—and he won’t be made available for adoption because he’s blind. So guess what that means? His ONLY chance is a wonderful rescue stepping in to save him! He’s an incredible dog and everyone at the shelter just loves him. The volunteers say they just can’t say enough wonderful things about this boy. Please can anyone help him? He still has so much life in him and so much love to give! Read about him below and look at his cute pic!

BLIND 8 year old Cocker/English Spaniel mix needs OUT of the Independence Shelter ASAP. He is a sweet lap dog. He loves to be held. When outdoors, his blindness becomes apparent as he bumps into things. He is a HIGHLY adoptable housepet. He is a love bug! His appearance (without looking at his eyes) fools you to believe he's younger, but his walk gives his age away. He needs a good warm, loving home to go to. PLEASE HELP ME SAVE THIS DOG! If you can help this boy-contact myself, KiKi Stark or Kim Touzinsky

Kiki at fsumommax4@yahoo.com or (573) 268-3975
Andrea at Andrea.L.Fortune@sprint.com or 913-706-8883
Kim at kimtou44@gmail.com

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