October 12, 2010

SAFE!! NC, Charlotte: "Keiko", Blind Akita

Hello Rescue Partners!

Keiko has Bilateral Microphthalmia, which is a developmental disorder of the eye that literally means small eye (micros = small; ophthalmos = eye) and it means that she is blind. She was surrendered to the shelter by her newest owner after being with the family for one week. She did not like their dog and their children made her nervous. What she needs is an owner who understands a blind dog.

She has a chip that I am researching . It appears that Keiko came from a “breeder” in Tx who has a full time business at a flea market selling puppies. She is listed as an Akita. I am trying to track how she ended up in NC, but we shall see. She is a very happy dog who has adapted well to her condition. If you have room and time, please consider pulling her.

age approx 2-3 years


heartworm test-neg


exam- blind,congenital defect in the development of eyes. compensates very well for blindness. can sit and is lead easily on a leash. heart and lung sounds are normal. good body condition.

If you can help Keiko, please contact:
Lori Todd


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